Published on July 14, 2021

AHMEDABAD: With addition of metro route in upcoming years, Ahmedabad would have three public transport modes – AMTS, BRTS and metro. The student projects, displayed as part of Summer Exhibition at CEPT University tried to address the issue of transport management.

As part of the strategic plan for urban transport system studio by Shalini Sinha, Nitika Bhakuni and Hemangi Dalwadi, the student projects tackled issues ranging from integrated transport system to intermediate public transport, parking management and policies, road network development, travel demand assessment, safe mobility and pedestrian safety among others.

A project by Nidhi Piludaria identified major demand corridors for all three modes and suggested integrated hubs for the last-mile connectivity. Another project by Katabathinieshwar carried out travel demand assessment for 2041 and indicated that there are 17 radials in the city that intersect different external and internal roads that need to be developed as hubs. The study indicated 6km as average trip length in Ahmedabad and 19 minute as average travel time.

Several of the projects advocated transport growth on the future developments. For example, the extension of AMTS and BRTS routes in areas such as Science City, Kathwada GIDC, Vatva, Naroda and SP Ring Road can bring in the new passengers by connecting residential and work areas.

A work by Yashraj Panchal suggested introduction of e-autos as intermediate transport connecting major modes. A project by Sarah Alexander focused on transport plan where upgrade of existing road networks was proposed. The road density is higher in the city and the study proposed reducing the average block size from 2.1 sq km to 1.9 sq km.

A project by Ravi Sharma identified major issues as congestion on major roads, larger block size, no integration of various modes, absence of speed reduction units and parking on the roads.

Other projects also looked into aspects such as congestion, traffic blind spots and pedestrian safety.

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