Published on July 16, 2021

AHMEDABAD: A study carried out by Cept University on city roads revealed that only 252km of the city’s road network has footpaths, which is 15% of the total length. Of the total, about 71km or 28% cannot be used by pedestrians as the pavement is blocked by on-road parking.

The study titled ‘Strategic Transportation Plan for Ahmedabad – Non-Motorized Transport’ by Lakshmi R, displayed as part of the ongoing Summer Exhibition, states that of the 775 accidents during the period of the study, 40% involved pedestrians or cyclists. Cyclists are at an ever higher disadvantage with bicycle tracks available only on 2% (18km) of city roads.

The study recommended the construction of footpath on 142km of arterial roads, and 110km of sub-arterial roads for pedestrian safety. ‘Upgrade of existing footpaths in core city areas is recommended. Footpath width near institutions should be a minimum of 3 metres, whereas it should be 2-3m in commercial areas and 1.8m in residential areas,’ the study states.

The study also highlighted the issue of very less bicycling infrastructure in the city and recommended the construction of 107km of tracks along the route with the planning of major roads. A plan was also created for SG Road.

Another study by Minal Shetty titled ‘Strategic Transportation Plan for Ahmedabad 2041’ identified traffic bottlenecks on city roads and argued that the majority of severe and fatal accidents take place around these spots where there are major intersections, changes in road width or sudden curves.

The study states that of 452 junctions in the city, only 244 have traffic signals. It recommended increasing the number of signals for road safety.

The study also recommended reducing the average block size in new and existing road networks to improve walkability and de-congest roads. Outer roads have an average speed of 40-45kmph whereas inside the city, traffic slows to about 15-20 kmph, the study found. The students also identified several points with frequent jams and recommended traffic re-design to address the issue.

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