What would future of music look like after Covid-19? Perhaps several of the musicians found the answer – collaborate and mix when there’s no need for singers, musicians or composers need to be at the same place and same time… Check this five-year-old mix by Israeli composer Kutiman, of course a number of such collaborations have taken place and experiments – most close to heart by the ones by Sneha Khanwalkar with masterpieces such as ‘Tung Tung’ and ‘Ram Ram’ which she created for MTV Sound Trippin but these iterations have different energy to it… Also check his ‘Hamburg’ and ‘Istanbul’ along with several other creations.

Recently heard the Ukrainian band DakhaBrakha – as one comment rightly pointed out, ‘Came for hats, stayed for music!’ It might seem a bit jarring or even bordering on drone in some of its renditions, but once you are in a groove, just let the music flow. Recommended include Baby and Monakh… Just shut the light off, close eyes and hear the traditions speak to you.

Of course this time is to find new voices – from Yashraj Mukhate to Hanu Dixit. Recently found this guy – and what he does with the music! I have just heard a few of his creations, but to write meaningful lyrics that perfectly blends with the iconic music pieces and arranging music is a talent.

Happy YouTubin!

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