You may not have heard name of Rachid Taha, a France-based Algerian singer who passed away in 2018 – but you may have known his creation ‘Ya Rayah’ from, well, a popular 90s Bollywood song (guess the song based on the music). The post is not about plagiarized music or Taha – it’s about the absolute bliss the music can bring in and can transcend borders. Just listen to this rendition by Ahmad Alshaiba, a New York-based Yemeni musician.

Do check his YouTube channel for other gems – especially Abdel Kader, covers of Interstellar, Star Wars medley and Shape of You. Discovering Oud would be an added bonus!

A word about the fantabulous ‘Tenet’ OST – Ludwig Göransson (Oscar winner for his Black Panther) mightily filled in the galactic shoes of Hans Zimmer – from Rainy Night in Talinn to Windmills, it’s a constant barrage of urgent notes after notes like a splatter of rain against window pane. Given that musical score is an integral part of Christopher Nolan’s films, am excited to see these pieces taking shape on the screen. BTW, Dimple Kapadia’s character Priya also gets her own theme.

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