Published on July 12, 2021

AHMEDABAD: A group of researchers from Gujarat Cancer Research Intstitute (GCRI) has developed a scoring system for identifying suspected bone cancer cases based on x-ray reports. Experts claimed that while x-rays are used as the first diagnostic tool, due to lack of MRI and CT scan facilities at many places, the early detection can help prevent further spread of cancer in patients.

Dr Abhijit Salunke, orthopaedic oncosurgeon and lead author of the two studies published in Springer and Elsevier journals on the subject, said that their earlier work on Covid-19 ranking gave them the idea of ranking system where any expert can assess the x-ray based on criteria.

“The first method we developed was Radiological Evaluation Score for Bone Tumours (REST) where we defined eight criteria including characteristics, content, cortical breach, distinctiveness, distribution, periosteal reaction, fracture, and soft tissue swelling. The experts assign 1 score for every aspect,” he said. “If the score is up to 3, the tumour is likely to benign. If it goes above five, the chances are very high that the tumour is malignant or cancerous.”

The second method developed was named ‘A to Z RAM’ (Radio Assessment Method) where factors such as age of the patient, part of the bone involved, distinctive features, etc. were assessed. .Dr Shashank Pandya, director of GCRI, said that the methods could be helpful for quicker diagnosis.

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