Published on June 21, 2021

International Yoga Day

Ahmedabad: The Covid-ravaged lungs and predicaments of work from home for many Amdavadis have resulted in around 20-25% rise in students at various city-based yoga classes. A majority of these classes are being run in virtual mode for the past few months, imparting knowledge of various postures and breathing techniques.

As the world marks International Yoga Day on June 21 to coincide with Summer Solstice or the longest day of the year, the yoga practitioners said that this year’s celebration would be around the pandemic.

Dr Vijayakumar PS, associate professor at Lakulish Yoga University, said that the yoga practices are used widely for post-Covid recovery. “We have prepared an exhaustive Yoga practice module for Covid-recovered patients that includes breathing exercises, yogsasana, kriya and meditation,” he said, adding that yoga not only has impact on body health, but also on the mental wellness of the practitioners. “We use makarasana breathing, tiger breathing, suryanamasakara, various asana, anulom-vilom, bhramari breathing and meditation for various patients,” he said.

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