Published on June 2, 2021

AHMEDABAD: As on Tuesday afternoon, Civil Hospital had 279 patients admitted for treatment of Covid-19. Against this figure, the number of mucormycosis patients was 385 — or 38% more!
It’s a role reversal for the two diseases in a matter of 20 days. In the second week of May, the hospital had its 1,200-bed Covid facility almost full; one ward with 22 beds was earmarked for the fungal infection seen in Covid-recovered patients.

Dr J P Modi, the medical superintendent of Civil Hospital, said that 12 wards have been closed down at the 1,200-bed hospital with a gradual decrease in Covid patients.

At Manjushree Mill compound facility, only 11 patients who are on ventilators, BiPAP machines, or other forms of assistive breathing remain. Once those patients recover, the hospital is likely to be handed over to IKDRC, said sources.

“On the other hand, in the past two months, 852 patients were treated for mucormycosis of whom 456 were operated upon,” said Dr Modi. “The daily cases are, however, going down. On Monday, seven new patients were admitted. The number was 18 to 20 last week.”

Dr Modi added: “On Monday, 26 surgeries were performed, or more than one surgery per hour.”

Among the Covid patients, majority need critical care. In all, 121 were on assistive breathing (with support from such devices as ventilators and BiPAP). And 131 had high oxygen dependency, said sources at Civil Hospital.

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