Published on March 20, 2021

AHMEDABAD: Alarm bells went ringing in Surat district on Friday which recorded the highest-ever daily Covid-19 cases for any district in Gujarat during the pandemic with a tally of 450 cases. Of these, 349 cases were recorded in the city while101 cases were detected in other parts of the district. To put the figure in perspective, on March 2, 17 days before the current third Covid-19 surge swept the state, all of Gujarat had registered Covid-19 tally of 454 cases.

Friday marked one year of Gujarat’s struggle with Covid-19 pandemic and an eerie sense of déjà vu gripped the citizens. Majority found themselves haunted by the same question which plagued the collective minds a year ago — what’s next and how will they cope with the restrictions, medical crisis and its adverse impact on the economy, all over again.

Analysis of the daily cases on Friday revealed that cities of Surat (349) and Rajkot (115) recorded their highest-ever daily tallies along with their respective districts. Ahmedabad with 344 cases logged sixth highest daily tally in 366 days. This was only a few cases shy of record highest daily cases tally of 373 cases on November 21 during the post-Diwali surge in cases. The city – that recorded 335 cases in 24 hours – recorded 300-plus cases after 106 days, and highest tally in 112 days.

Gujarat in 24 hours ending 5 pm on Friday added 1,415 new positive cases, the highest daily tally in 103 days.

State fifth in number of cases

Gujarat ranked fifth in India in terms of new daily cases after Maharashtra (25,681), Kerala (1,984) and Karnataka (1,587).

The state almost recorded one case every minute with the four major cities accounting for 65% of cases. The state also recorded four Covid deaths, the highest in 65 days. As the state crossed 6,000 active cases at 6,147, it now has the most active cases in two months.

Experts said this surge has also shown a trend seen last in November – more than two members of a family getting admitted simultaneously or one after the other.

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