What is it that keeps us in a relationship? Is it the feeling of being loved or finding the illusion of safety? Is it fear of sleeping alone or believing in the fable that there might be someone for everyone out there? Thus, what it feels like when things fall apart? The spark is not seen in the other person’s eyes or the hugs don’t give the same warmth? How to know it’s time to say goodbye?

If you’re taking me home
Tell me if I’m back on my own
Giving back a heart that’s on loan
Just tell me if you wanna go home

With lyrics like these, the songstress of Begin Again (2013) bares her heart. She reassures that ‘Oh maybe
You don’t have to kill so kind / Pretend to ease my mind / When baby you won’t.’

It has some gravitas when it strikes a right chord than the acclaimed ‘Lost Stars’ (sung by both Keira Knightley and Adam Levine) about a person open to confront the gaping hole in tapestry of relationship.

Not very much related, but can’t stop myself from sharing Killing Eve’s haunting ‘If.’ It could be the voice if the meditation on insecurities of a human heart gets one. Of course, it lands more punch when listened during the fantabulous series, but on its own it could be a trusted companion on a dark night with rain outside the window. Please also check equally haunting ‘If I gave you my heart’ by the same band ‘Unloved’ from the same series.

For the Indian section, one of the favourite song from the era of growing up, finding self and stumbling again.

The Bhatts (Mahesh and Mukesh Bhatt with larger family) ruled 2000s with their musical hits, and Rog (2005) was one of them. The song became an instant hit, and added to KK’s illustrious list. What set this song apart was also the lyrics that lingered long after the song was over –

Bechaara kahan jaanta hai/ Khalish hai yeh kya khala hai/ Shehar bhar ki khushi se/ Yeh dard mera bhala hai (Where does the poor heart know, What is pain and what emptiness is, My pain is better than all the happiness of the town https://lyricstranslate.com)

The same production house and singer gave ‘Aawarapan, Banjarapan’ in Jism (2003).

Enough of the melancholy 🙂 The next list would surely be more cheerful!

Happy YouTubin!

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