Published on March 14, 2021

AHMEDABAD: Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s hometown Vadnagar is all set to get another landmark – the Vernacular School in Darbargadh area in the heart of the town, where the PM pursued his primary education, is likely to be converted into a ‘Prerna (inspiration) Centre’, said sources close to the development.

The project came to limelight when a team led by Raghavendra Singh, secretary, ministry of culture, visited the school on March 10 to assess its structure and overall development plan. Singh had also visited the site of experiential museum by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) on the banks of Sharmishtha lake.

Sources close to the development said that the century-old school’s portion is closed for students due to its dilapidated condition. The school is located close to the PM’s ancestral home and used to have a play ground nearby where young Modi and friends used to congregate, said sources.

Officials in the know of the development said that the finer aspects of the school project are being deliberated. “The focus of the centre would not be solely on the PM, but to provide inspiration to the next generation. It is also likely to have a spiritual aspect to it.”

The structure of the school would be preserved and conserved with landscaping around it. A few options are being worked out including removal of a couple of nearby structures and a water tank in the vicinity.

The ‘Prerna Centre’ would become the latest addition to the ancient town, which was known for its Hatkeshwar temple and Kirti Toran of Solanki era before it shot to fame as PM’s hometown.

In the past two decades, the town witnessed development of Sharmishtha lake, Tana Riri garden, a watch tower as tourist attractions in addition to the extensive work by ASI that unearthed Buddhist past of the town including a nunnery, a stupa and a super structure.

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