What’s life, but a stream of connected events? Some you choose to press close to your chest, some you wish you had never encountered? But whatever it is, it’s a linear journey – from birth to death, from ignorance to enlightenment, from nothing to nothing…

And who better to impart this knowledge than Leonard Cohen? The man with the gravelly voice first mesmerized me (albeit very very late) with You want it darker… when I first heard it in American Gods web series. His is an unconventional way of presenting stories – it’s not a singsong approach, it’s life talking to you in verses.

I bet something of this visuals, words or just his voice would touch something inside. There’s already a string of hits from Hallelujah to I’m your Man to get immersed in the wonder called Cohen.

After the heavy-lifting, the Indian section has something to uplift the mood – in my endless hours of indie music, I came across this video. The music and lyrics are strictly okay – or functional. But Vedika Pinto, the actress, single-handedly steals the show. It’s such a playful take on the age-old trope that you can’t help but smile. The new bride is not here to please her husband, but find her own destiny, chart her own path, get happy herself.

BTW, Liggi doesn’t mean anything – I googled it! For the quirky Ritviz tracks, Jeet and Barso could be a good start.

Happy YouTubin!

Sunday YouTube Playlist XVII Parth Shastri Archive

This episode is also available as a blog post: https://parthshastri.com/2021/05/23/sunday-youtube-playlist-xvii/

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