Published on April 6, 2020

AHMEDABAD: A 45-year-old man started blabbering incessantly and protested violently when anyone tried to get near him – he was afraid that he would contract Covid-19 infection.
The man had to be admitted to the Government Hospital for Mental Health (HMH) in Ahmedabad for acute psychotic disorder on Sunday evening. HMH officials said that it was the first case of such a disorder after the lockdown needing medical intervention in a hospital setting.

“The man is from Bihar, and he had tried to go back home, but government arranged for his lodging and boarding at a relief camp in Bopal along with several others. His camp companions said that he was constantly glued to either TV or his phone to get latest updates on Covid-19,” said a hospital official.

He was showing a disturbed mental state for the past couple of days, but on Sunday, it aggravated along with 100 degrees fever, and authorities called up an ambulance and sent him for treatment.

“He is stable now. His primary symptoms were irritability, irrelevant excessive talk, abusive language and violent behaviour. He did not have sleep for two days fearing infection of Covid-19,” said an official. “He has been admitted in a separate ward and is provided mental and physical treatment by experts.”

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