As if playing good music is not difficult enough, some try to mix it with something else – such points could be made about vivacious artists such as Lindsey Sterling – who mixes her violin with hiphop – but that’s for another day. Today I want to talk about MozART Group.

The quartet from Poland is remarkable not just for its phenomenal music – often you try to put the music in background and cut short the visuals. Here the group goes all out to ensure that your eyeballs are firmly on the screen, as you don’t want to miss what’s happening next. Don’t believe me? Check this out –

Once you see one of their videos, it often takes shape of a spree – especially check out their interpretation of ‘Four Seasons’ and ‘Samba.’ Of course, I have a special bias for violin – perhaps the most versatile of the instruments (personal opinion), but what this group does with it is out of the world!

Lo-fi or lofi is a form that’s around for half a century – but it’s getting appreciation now perhaps due to the over-edited originals, due to which we see artists taking the older and newer songs down and adding elements which are intended to enhance a ‘mood.’ Stumbled upon this channel and a few of the songs accidentally – and liked more than a few songs. Not all have the same quality or vibe to it, but am sure the innovative titles like ‘Tum gaye ho kyun raat baaki hai’ but you just can’t stop thinking of her while it’s raining’ and ”Tum ho from Rockstar’ but you’re driving in the rain..’ will perhaps get you hooked to Advait, and the larger world of Bollywood Lofi.

Happy YouTubin!

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