Published on March 28, 2020

Ahmedabad: It’s not only the government and private hospitals that are busy recording as much details about the patients as possible, your general practitioner will ask you at your next visit, apart from the questions like common symptoms and what did you have for dinner, where were you and your relatives past fortnight.

Dr Mona Desai, president of Ahmedabad Medical Association (AMA), said that they have started the initiative to ensure that the GPs can also identify potential COVID-19 infection cases and can guide the patients for further procedure quickly. “We have made representation to the state authorities about apprehension among doctors on whether their clinics and hospitals will be sealed after a potential case. We have assured doctors that their services are essential, and they should continue their OPDs,” she said.

It’s also about setting up rules for the patients. AMA secretary Dr Dhiren Mehta said that they have issued a guideline for the doctors to distribute among patients.

Dr Pragnesh Vachhrajani, joint secretary of Federation of Family Physicians of India, said that they have advised the senior members to stay home to avoid infection and instead get involved in creating awareness about COVID-19.

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