Published on March 28, 2020

Ahmedabad:The city of Ahmedabad accounts for 34% of Covid-19 cases in Gujarat, 15 persons, 14 under treatment and one dead. But Ahmedabad, the most populous city in Gujarat, has one particular distinction, it has had the lowest local transmission (LT) cases so far.

Compared to Gandhinagar and Rajkot, where LT cases make up 71% and 62% of the total, the city has only 13% LT cases, according to the state health and family welfare department statistics.
The city also has the most diverse travel history of person found positive, 12 persons having travelled to six countries — Finland, France, Saudi Arabia, UAE, UK and USA. The age distribution of patients shows that close to 50% are below 40 years of age. The only death recorded in the city was also the oldest patient, at 85 years old.

Due to high number of patients, the number of persons under quarantine is also the highest in the state, at more than 4,000. “One factors for the high number of cases is of course the presence of the international airport. Area-wise, the cases are quite scattered. Thus, at the moment, we don’t see cluster transmission,” said a senior health department official.

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