Published on August 6, 2022

Ahmedabad: The data of EMRI 108 emergency services has revealed that one child, mostly a girl, has been abandoned in the state every month since January.

While in some cases, even fetuses are found, in others children are dumped on the roadside side or public places from where they are rescued and are sent to hospitals. They are later sent to observation homes run by the state government where they are declared fit for adoption after stipulated time.

Analysis of EMRI 108 data for 2022 indicated that out of eight instances, five were girls. Out of the instances reported, four were from districts in Saurashtra, two from central Gujarat, and one each from north Gujarat and eastern belt.

“It’s been observed that many times the girls are abandoned when the parents or even mother wish for a male child fearing backlash from in-laws. Sometimes, if the child has any apparent disabilities or congenital defects, they are abandoned. In some cases, the parents are traced, but in most cases, the children end up in observation homes,” said a child protection officer.

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