Published on June 07, 2021

AHMEDABAD: On Sunday, Gujarat recorded the deaths of 12 Covid positive patients, a 65-day low for the state. The cases are also down at an 84-day low at 848. But the analysis of the mortality rate reveals that it’s slightly but steadily going up. On Sunday, the daily mortality rate (the number of daily deaths per daily cases) was 1.4%, which was 1.5% on Saturday.

To put the figure in perspective, the overall Covid mortality in 2021 is 1% (0.98%) as 5,626 deaths were recorded against 5.71 lakh Covid cases. The year has so far recorded 57% of the Covid pandemic’s total deaths and 70% of the positive cases.

“The month of April, which recorded the highest cases and deaths during the pandemic, had a mortality rate of 1%,” said a city-based epidemiologist. “The mortality rate, however, is definitely down from the initial months of the pandemic when it was as high as 5% and 7% in April and May 2020.”

The epidemiologist added: “But the increase in mortality rate shows that critical patients are still at risk.”

City numbers reveal that Rajkot recorded the highest mortality rate among the four major cities in 30-day cases and deaths analysis at 1.3%. It was followed by 1.2% in Surat, 0.8% in Vadodara, and 0.7% in Ahmedabad. During the period, the state’s mortality rate was 1.1%.

The shares of deaths in the eight municipal corporation areas and the rest of Gujarat in the past 30 days were 43% and 57% respectively, indicating more deaths outside the areas of major cities.

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