Published on May 06, 2021

AHMEDABAD: On Wednesday, Gujarat added 12,955 new Covid-19 patients in 24 hours, against which 12,995 patients got discharged, giving the net reduction of 40 active patients. The last time the state had recorded higher discharges than new cases was on February 20 when against 258 new cases, 270 patients had got discharged.

To put the number in perspective, just 10 days ago on April 25, Gujarat had recorded 14,296 new cases and 6,727 discharges showing a net addition of 7,569 cases in a day. The trend was witnessed across major cities on Wednesday as Ahmedabad recorded a reduction of 875 active cases, Surat 851 and Rajkot 206. Vadodara bucked the trend with addition of 389 new cases.

A city-based expert said that the case count is lowering for the past few days, but reduction in hospitalization period is a conscious effort. “There’s insistence on home treatment, taking both antivirals and steroids in initial days, and conscious effort to reduce oxygen dependency. What used to be alarming levels of oxygen saturation earlier is today considered normal,” said a city-based critical care specialist.

Analysis of the total cases reveal that the state added 2 lakh cases in the last fortnight, one of the fastest during the pandemic. Ahmedabad (39%) and Surat (16%) districts remained the biggest contributors, but on the brighter side, these districts recorded mortality rate less than the state average. Compared to 1.1% mortality rate in the past 15 days for Gujarat, Ahmedabad recorded 0.5% and Surat 1%. Vadodara and Rajkot however recorded higher rates at 1.9% and 2.4% respectively.

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