Published on March 27, 2021

Ahmedabad: Surge in Covid-19 cases in Ahmedabad has left several premier educational institutes in the lurch. The institutes had cautiously started offline classes in limited capacity. Some had allowed students to stay on campus. Now, rising cases has forced MICA to put off its convocation. IIT Gandhinagar and CEPT have restricted entry to their campus.

MICA had planned its 25th and 26th convocations on April 11 and 25 respectively. “Due to Covid situation in the country, the institute has postponed both convocations,” said Sunjay Chandwani, head of Estate and Campus Administration at MICA. “Students need permission to leave campus. As academic year ends on March 31, students have been asked to vacate campus by April 3,” added Chandwani.

CEPT registrar Anita Hiranandani, registrar of CEPT University, said that only students with specific purposes are allowed access to specific part of the campus for a limited time. “Special software ensures there’s no crowding. All visitors must wear masks all the time,” she said. Neither CEPT nor MICA has any Covid positive cases on campus.

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