Published on March 18, 2021

AHMEDABAD: In 24 hours, Gujarat recorded a surge of 18% as the daily Covid-19 positive cases rose from 954 to 1,122. The state crossed the figure of 1,100 after 90 days. But what’s more alarming is that if one counts the rise in one week, this third peak is the steepest out of the surges experienced by Gujarat so far. In fact, the cases have increased five times faster than the past surge in Diwali, reveals statistics.

Analysis of the cases indicate that the current surge recorded a 66% rise in seven days – from 675 on March 10 to 1,122 on March 17. The surge was, at its peak, 13% in the post-Diwali period. Gujarat recorded its highest daily positive cases on November 27 with 1,607. A week prior to the peak, the cases were 1,420.

Likewise, the first peak of Covid-19 cases was recorded at 1,442 on September 25. A week prior to this peak, the cases were 1,410 – a rise of 2.2%.

Among the four major cities, Ahmedabad and Surat have recorded a major jump in cases in the past fortnight. The analysis of the past seven days reveals that cases increased at 123% in Surat (from 141 to 315) whereas the rise is 64% for Ahmedabad city (from 161 to 264).

Dr Bharat Gadhvi, president of Ahmedabad Hospitals and Nursing Homes Association (AHNA), said that the occupancy of beds in city-based private hospitals have skyrocketed from 307 on March 10 to 529, or 72%. “On March 10, we had 29 patients in ICU. Today, the number rose to 75. The cases are on the rise and people must be on their guards,” he said, adding that severity and mortality are less during this surge compared to the post-Diwali condition.

Dr J P Modi, medical superintendent of Civil Hospital, said that the hospital in February had 35 patients under treatment at one point, which has increased to 110 on Wednesday. “We are equipped with our medical team and infrastructure,” he said, adding that the team is now experienced with the treatment protocols and thus the recovery rate is higher compared to 2020.

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