Traditions are complicated. Over the decades and centuries perhaps the same melodies, instruments and even songs assume a new meaning and new life, whereas some just disappear in the passage of time. Thus, it’s always a fascination for me to see the new interpretations of old – not in terms of remixes, but finding a contemporary meaning.

Here where The Corrs hit the sweet spot. The Irish band comprising of three sisters and a brother just rock it with tin whistle, bodhrán (Irish skin drum) and ukulele on one hand and guitar, violin and drums on the other. Of course they are known for their pop hits – from Radio to Only When I Sleep and from Dreams to Would You Be Happier – but their ‘Toss the Feathers’ and ‘Haste to the Wedding’ would forever be favorites.

They’re inactive for long, but it’s really worth watching their old concerts and their passion for their unique brand of music.

Of course when you are on the Irish music trip, don’t forget to pay visit to The High Kings. Their renditions of the age-old classics will surely reverberate in you heart long after you’re done listening. What could be a better starting point than the fan-favorite ‘Rocky Road to Dublin’?

For the Indian section, I’m not sure if it amounts to ‘Indianness’ but I would surely want to talk about it here – the year was 2002 and it was my first year of college and hostel life. One of the seniors had this cassette ‘Global Sprit’ by a composer named ‘Karunesh.’

It surely sounded Indian, but when the sound started blaring from the old stereo system, it was nothing like I expected – it had different vibes, and that’s how I got initiated to the ‘World Music’ or ‘New Age Music’ if we can label it in such a way. (Btw, Karunesh is Bruno Reuter, a German-born composer who got influenced by Osho’s philosophy and got the new name).

Of course, ‘Punjab,’ one of the songs from the album, was already a hit, but others also transcended the boundaries of geographies and styles and opened doors for newer experiences.

Another artist I really love in this space is Karsh Kale – but that’s topic of another post!

Happy YouTubin!

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