It’s 10th post on this title, and that also on Valentine’s Day! What could be a better coincidence! The exercise had primarily started to chronicle some of my favourite songs out of endless ocean of YouTube and share it with the world. But over a period, it also kind of reflected what I used to listen to that specific time, making a strange online diary of sorts, and am not complaining.

So, to mark the moment, it would be a double edition – two songs each from the international and Indian section – this time.

Going with the theme of today, the first track I intend to talk about is from ‘Her,’ the 2013 film starring Joaquin Phoenix. The film delved on the theme of love in the time of technology – what it means to be close to someone? what it means to understand someone? would the human of tomorrow be able to love someone fully when the smartphone he/she holds knows more than their partners? can love only be physical or can someone connect with someone else on sheer intellectual plain – somewhere above the ‘Platonic’ ideals?

Thus, it’s more of a meditation on the nature of relationship and ‘love’ in broadest terms possible. Take a plunge, and also listen to other tracks of the film, it won’t disappoint.

The second one is quite upbeat in nature. If you don’t know Jon Batiste, it’s high time you give the guy a search. He can write, sing and dance! Some of his renditions and original songs would surely bring back memories of old-school music. But today, it’s about ‘I need you!’ As he croons, ‘In this world with a lot of problems
All we need is a little loving…

How many hues of love can a person find in Bollywood films? All imaginable love possibilities are explored and done to death when it comes to movies. And frankly, it’s really difficult to pin-point one song that can encapsulate the feeling. Thus, I can think of no other song but this gem

We can love a person, but even more than that, sometimes we might just be in love with that feeling of being in love! A few such songs also exist in other languages… but for this occasion, maybe it’s a different ode to the day.

Lastly, a song in Gujarati. Lately, several good songs have made way into new-wave Gujarati cinema. Tried searching for videos with subtitles, but unfortunately couldn’t find one. But when did love require language to understand feelings?

Happy YouTubin!

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