What’s melancholy? Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines it as a. depression of spirits, b. a pensive mood. Often, it could just be nothing, but the feeling lingers. There’s a thumb rule I follow – when I can’t put a finger on the mood, it’s generally the music that guides in which state of mind I am. I’m sure a lot of people might have the same experience.

Coming back to melancholy, I can’t find a better piece than this one –

Of course, it’s second video in this series about the music in Wong Kar-wai after California Dreamin’ we talked about in this post, but it’s simply irresistible. Even after you’ve heard it, it might linger in your mind for long. It might mean a rainy afternoon for someone, or maybe a sleepless night, one never knows!

After long, I also finished Killing Eve, and the soundtrack of the series is just an earworm – it forces you to find the tracks, listen to them and imagine the scenario in the series. If the ‘La La La’ is haunting, ‘If I gave you my heart’ might remain with you for days. It may or may not be termed ‘melancholic,’ but you’ll get the drift once you’re there.

I’ve grown up in 1990s and spent youth in 2000s. So am not at all stranger to remixes from Bally Sagoo to DJ Aqeel that defined an era. While several remixes are out there, today I can talk about The Bartender.

Of course, it might not be for everyone, but NZ-based musician Mikey McCleary’s interpretation has a fresh whiff of air and some unexpected twists and turns.

I stumbled upon his work while searching for a specific remix of Pakeezah’s timeless ‘Chalte Chalte’ where the train sounds were fused in (I have not found it yet, and if someone can guide me to it, I would be thankful) with the song. But this band’s rendition was also good.

A dripping nostalgic piece on ‘Ye waada raha,’ ‘Nahi nahi,’ etc. is surely pending that not only forced a generation to dig out roots of their favourite songs (some were surprised that it were remixes) but also raised their bar so high that several of the remixes of today don’t make a mark.

Happy YouTubin!

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