Published on April 2, 2020

AHMEDABAD: Gujarat on Thursday recorded seventh death related to Covid-19 infection as a 52-year-old man from Vadodara was declared dead. On a positive note, the state did not record any new positive cases in 12 hours, said state health & family welfare department officials.

Jayanti Ravi, principal secretary (health & family welfare), told media on Thursday morning that the 52-year-old man was admitted to the SSG Hospital in Vadodara. “He along with his family had a travel history to Sri Lanka. He had shown symptoms from March 16 and his report came positive on March 19 after which he was under medical care,” said Ravi. “His family members’ condition is stable.”
Ravi said that as on Thursday morning, Gujarat has recorded a total of 87 cases. District-wise cases recorded in Gujarat include 31 in Ahmedabad, 12 in Surat, 11 in Gandhinagar, 10 in Rajkot, 9 in Vadodara, 6 in Bhavnagar, 3 in Porbandar, 2 in Gir Somnath and one each in Kutch, Mehsana and Panchmahal.

Gujarat has also recorded seven persons recovered from the Covid-19 infection. Ravi said that out of 73 patients in the state, two are on ventilator whereas others are stable. As on Thursday, Gujarat has 46 cases of local transmission, 33 cases where the person had history of international travel and 8 where the person had domestic travel history.

The principal secretary said that the state has decided to provide internship opportunities to all the medical students from Gujarat who are pursuing education in other states. “We had received a request from a group of students from Madhya Pradesh who were to start their medical internship from April 1 but due to lockdown they could not travel back. After a discussion with our counterparts, it was decided that the students would be able to do their internship in Gujarat which would be considered valid for their degree requirements,” said Ravi, adding that it would be applied to other Gujarati medical students as well.

“Likewise, the faculties at state medical colleges which are not functional now, would also be roped in for Covid-19 duties,” she added.

Gujarat has so far carried out 1,789 tests out of which 1,693 are negative, 87 are positive and result for 9 is pending.

Ravi said that after a few complaints of the improper disposal of the deceased, they have instructed respective district administration to oversee the procedure. “There is no need for post-mortem according to international guidelines – we just need to perform a few medical tests. The hospitals are also instructed to follow the procedures,” she said, adding that a death in Ahmedabad on Wednesday at Civil Hospital is not found to be associated with Covid-19 infection.

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