Published on January 10, 2020

AHMEDABAD: Gujarat in 2018 recorded a 16% rise in rape cases — reaching 553, from 477 in 2017. Sexual offences against children registered under the The Protection of Children From Sexual Offences (Pocso) Act rose from 1,671 in 2017 to 2,127 in 2018 — a 28% jump. 

The figures were mentioned in the report ‘Crime in India 2018’ released by the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) on Thursday. Two Gujarat cities — Ahmedabad and Surat — got featured in the report which recorded 6.25% (from 64 to 68) and 43% (from 32 to 46) rise in rape cases, respectively.

The report highlighted that in 2018, Gujarat police disposed of a total of 8,476 cases of which 127 were quashed and 124 were stayed at the investigation stage. Forty-seven cases were found to be false, 249 as mistake of fact or a case of civil dispute and 598 were cases with insufficient evidence. In 92.2% cases, police filed chargesheet, and 8.6% cases remained pending by the end of the year. At the court level, 3.8% of the accused were convicted, found the report.

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