Published on March 17, 2020

AHMEDABAD: While Gujarat has not recorded a confirmed Covid-19 case yet, emergency medical caregivers at public and private institution are under pressure to make sure every suspected case is handled with due care, as there is no way of knowing which case could be COVID-19.

While the city-based doctors and emergency medicine staff have had multiple training sessions on identification of COVID-19 symptoms, they are also being trained on remaining safe.

Dr Mona Desai, president of Ahmedabad Medical Association (AMA), said they conducted a workshop on COVID-19 for 250-odd city-based doctors. “The primary challenge is to ensure that positive cases don’t get false negatives and vice versa. We have a repository of knowledge from the experiences of other countries, but our conditions are unique. The emphasis is also on protective gear,” she said.

The epidemic has family physicians on their toes. “We field queries from patients and their relatives and we try to bust myths. We recently held a webinar on dos and don’ts for doctors,” said Dr Pragnesh Vachharajani, joint secretary of the Federation of Family Physicians of India.

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