AHMEDABAD: About 15 years ago, Dethali was just another village of Mehsana district fighting water scarcity. In 2002, a project began to create an artificial lake, which could store up to 90 million litres of water, primarily as a reliable water resource. Eight years later, the lake evolved into an ecological miracle.

“We started working on Jambuvan, an oasis for birds in the memory of Jain monk Jambuvijayji, in March 2012, by planting trees and foliage around the periphery of the lake,” said Mayur Shah, a banker.
“The lake was designed in such a way that a part is shallow and another, deep. Artificial islands were created for flocks of birds. Everything was set to receive the visitors.”
And visitors did flock to the lake. A large number of migratory birds found the place perfect, because they can find food and shelter there. Villagers say that over 100 species of birds — both local and foreign — have been spotted at the lake.
Shah said that the mission spreads awareness among local residents. “We take children to the lake to identify different birds and their habits. We encourage the kids not to use plastic,” he said. “Also, farmers have begun to use mostly natural fertilizers and are preserving nesting sites.”


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