AHMEDABAD: The state Anti-Terrorist Squad(ATS) is tackling an emergency – this time a very different one.

Two quadracopters – ‘Netra’ with the ATS have been deployed in flood-hit areas of Bharuch for aerial survey. The ATS team is expected to be back on Wednesday.

Talking about the operation, superintendent of police, ATS, K G Bhati said the rescuers had sought the help of agency for relief work. “As UAV can capture photographs from height and also provide live feed, a team of ATS went to the affected areas and provided the agency with pictures and video footage of the affected areas. The material will now be used for analysis of the situation, identification of the affected persons, tracking any movement in the river for rescue and chalking out routes to reach the areas through boats or aerial vehicles,” he said.

ATS officials added that it is for the first time that quadracopters have been used for such a work. Officials added that the outcome of numerous flights taken by the vehicles has been encouraging as no other means apart from satellite photographs can provide such a perspective to the floods.


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